VP 75W90 HI-Perf Gear Oil GL-5 Case /12 – 32oz

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Gear Oil – HiPerformance – 75W90 – Synthetic – 1 qt – Set of 12

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Shoe – ZR-50 – Driving – Mid-Top – SFI 3.3/5 – Leather Outer – Rubber Sole – Velcro Strap – Fire Retardant NMX Inner – Blue – Size 12 – Pair

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Vp Fuel Containers

VP Fuel is known for their distinctive plastic fuel jugs, funnels, and accessories designed to handle the rough conditions of track and trailer. VP Racing Fuels also produces a full line of automotive lubricants and fluids, including gear oils, octane boosters, and fuel system cleaners.

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Weight25 lbs
Dimensions13.5 × 10.5 × 12.5 in


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